Posted on: Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

We’re two days into 2014 and things are looking good. Here are a few things we’re excited about:

Our good pal Mike Ardagh has finished mixing two tunes that we recorded in Montreal on the last tour. Two traditionals that we love to play. We were lucky he had us over for a midnight session at McGill where he’s studying. We’re in the process of figuring out the best way to share those with you soon.

We’ve got a fun road trip coming up to Kansas City, and it looks like we’re going to pile a couple more musician pals into the van and make a break for the border. I have a feeling that we’ll go over better in Kansas City than we will with the border guards…

And, probably what we’re most excited about is to introduce you to this fellow, Erik Nielsen. Erik has been a long time friend and ally of the band. He’s contributed to the last album, LeBoeuf, as assistant engineer and with some vocals on a couple tracks. He’s a musical, magical man, and it feels great to move forward with a friend instead of a stranger joining the project. ¬†We’ve begun planning and playing together, and I can really say that I’m really excited about this. Great bass player, and he’ll be playing electric and acoustic as well when the mood is right. It’s fresh and things are sounding great. Can’t wait to show you.

New songs are happening.

Talk soon


Here’s Erik in the woods. Don’t ask why, he has his reasons


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