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Looking at the stage, it’s not the usual place to find the singer and the songwriter. Singing from behind the drums, you’ll find Steve Brockley leading the band, building the songs from the bottom up.

Is Not Was, the third studio album, finds Brockley deeper in the feel he began digging into on 2013’s LeBoeuf – opening with the seriously laid-back groove of the title track, the record maintains a steady and grounded soulfulness even through two stripped down acoustic tracks. Marking the complete transition back to his first instrument, the drums, and teamed up with Producer John Raham (Frazey Ford, Be Good Tanyas), Is Not Was showcases a ‘less is more’ approach to making music with emphasis on the song and capturing a great performance, resulting in a natural, uncontrived, and complete statement conjuring sounds and feels compared to JJ Cale and The Band. Listeners hear the influences of folk/roots blended with soul, with a tip of the hat to old school country music throughout the album.

Although a multi-instrumentalist on the record, Steve Brockley is joined by 3 like-minded musicians for the live show. Based out of the West Kootenays, together they play music that feels genuine and integral to life. You’ll be happy to see that it’s not the same, rotating cast of side-men playing with every singer/songwriter in the city. If you get far enough away, something genuinely unique can be achieved. Indeed Brockley has found this, rejecting the idea that a musician needs to live inside the big city to find success. After living and performing out of Montreal, Brockley now chooses to find meaning in art and life based off of his acreage nestled deep in the mountains of British Columbia.

Watch for Steve Brockley gaining momentum in the coming months as new dates will be announced for the full band show in the lead up the release of Is Not Was.

Press about Steve Brockley

“A delightfully laid back affair. Whatever it is you want from life, Brockley & CO are going to give you some” -Penguin Eggs Magazine

“Twangy roots with sonic touchstones including JJ Cale and Bob Dylan” -Exclaim

“Brockley’s well-crafted songs and gently melodic vocal style are easy on the ear. His sparse ‘less is more’ ethic is refreshing in these days of frenetic folk-roots sounds” -New Canadian Music